I'm not going to lie to you....I have been sitting here TRYING to think of some hilarious way to involve April Fools Day in the releasing of the new April calendar download. A few ideas immediately came to mind....could I make it look like they have to pay $1000 to download? Should I advertise the calendar as a pretty flower scene but when you actually hit the download button the real calendar is a very zoomed in picture of my face? However, after some "very" serious contemplation, I decided to just give it to ya straight. I am the most gullible person on the planet, so I feel the pain of all of you who have already been tricked in some way today. Here is your trick-free, no joke, absolutely hundy percent fo' real free calendar download!

This month I teamed up with the extremely talented Carissa Divant from By Grace Studios to bring you this gorgeous tulip calendar background! Check out her website to see more of her work! 

Calendar download links can be found below! xoxo Clara