I think I type this every month and then erase it because I'm convinced that it's how I open up every blog post with the monthly calendars...but I'm just going to say it again; HOW it it already a new month? It is just so bizarre how fast time flies. Oy!!

Anywho, I love the month of May! It is the first feel of summertime, people are graduating and starting new exciting chapters of their lives, summer vacations start getting planned, and tank season is officially in! This month, I teamed up with Hannah Joy Photography to bring you this month's free calendar download! Hannah sent SO many gorgeous photos for me to pick from for this month, but I couldn't resist the simple, crisp, purdy white florals! This month, I added in an iPad download, also! Enjoy, friends! Download links below.

Free download for May calendar, to use as Mac, Windows, iPhone, or iPad background