You know that October has hit its end when the trash can in your office is only full of tiny candy wrappers from the bowl of candy you swore would only be for the trick-or-treaters. Ugh...the struggle is real for us sugar addicts. But what that also means is YAY NOVEMBER! Fall vibes are going to be getting real strong this month and I have zero complaints. I have lots of things to look forward to this month; starting tons of fun new wedding invitation projects with some fantastic clients, going on a girls trip to Fredericksburg, TX with my best gal pal, teaching 2 more calligraphy classes (Hey Dallas friends, spots still available!!), Thanksgiving break spent with family, AND finding out (hopefully) where Andy and I will be headed next on this military adventure! We have loved our time down here in south Texas, but we are ready for a change of scenery and getting to know a new city as our own! I will keep you posted on that, as it will all be quickly approaching with how fast time is flying these days! What are you looking forward to this month? Do you have any exciting vacations planned, big things happening? Or are you just on cruise control for Christmas now? :) 

For this month's calendar background, I was SO thrilled to team up with the insanely talented Courtney of Photoflood Studio. First things first, you have to follow her on instagram, like right now. Her photo style is so natural and moody and delicious I just can't even handle it. Seriously, you will not hate having her photos pop up in your feed on the daily reg! She is based in San Francisco, but the photos she submitted for Novembers calendar came from a recent trip to Oregon. How perfect for these fall colors, yes? I had a really difficult time picking which of her photos to use and wished I could be tech savvy enough to create a background that just flipped through all of her images so you can have them all because she is SO GOOD! But I think you'll be pleased with which one I picked and it will be the perfect accessory to your tech family! Thank you again, Courtney!

Click the links below this image to download your November calendar backgrounds! Until next month....CIAO!