Helloooooo beautiful April, I have missed you! I am so happy to be diving into this spring season in full swing, weddings are definitely aplenty, which means wedding papers are too! From moving to North Carolina at the beginning of the year, to jumping right back into the project grind, it really feels like its kind of been busy season nonstop in 2017 - which definitely is not something to complain about as a small business owner! I am definitely ready for the summer months to get here, as I am counting down to some much needed vacations (hello BEACH!) and some blocked off holidays that I'll be stepping away from the ol' office. We all need to remember that amidst the hustle of everyday, it's always good and healthy to replenish and renew with a little time off!

I am so happy that you are here to download this months calendar! I won't lie, I'm having trouble getting work done this morning because I just keep staring at it. Doesn't it make you want to frolic among the wildflowers on a mountaintop? *Flashes to Sound of Music* The hilllllsssssss are aliveeeee....uhhhh I mean....HERE ARE YOUR DOWNLOADS! :) See you next time!

free april calendar desktop background


March, I am SO happy you are here! Mostly because it means warm sunny days will soon start outweighing the COLD sunny days. And also it's crawfish season and I want all the crawfish in my belly riiiiiight now. And also I LOVE ST. PATTYS DAY and this is the month!!!! I think I could give you a million more "and also" situations, but I'll just cut myself off now. You get the picture - we all love springtime and we all love green beer, so March you are welcome here!

Free computer background with March calendar

I'm so excited to share this months free calendar background downloads with ya! Remember, if you want these delivered straight to your inbox FIRST thing in the morning on the first of every month, instead of waiting for the afternoon blog post, make sure you sign up to be on my email FAVS list! My favs get some lil' perks, one of which is first dibs on the calendars! And let's be honest - having it show up in your inbox is waaaayyyy easier than venturing over here - although I am SO glad you are here, too!!! Sign up using this form if you want to receive these directly in your inbox! If you only want calendars, don't click any of the boxes! Everyone on my list will get the calendars, the checkboxes are just other goodies you could receive as well! :)

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