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I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but the 90s image of Justin Timberlake with the tiny bleach blonde curls on top of his head and "IT'S GONNA BE MAAAYY" is forever engraved in my brain, thanks to social media yesterday. So in case you missed all that buzz....It's MAY!! I love when the first of the month falls on a Monday, fresh start, fresh week, ready to kick some booty. 

For this month, I wanted to make sure that you were craving freshly squeezed lemonade and refreshing orange slices you're welcome for that. But in all honesty, seeing this bright happy fruity scene just gives me the vibes of summertime and sunshine, even if I'm trapped in my office working the day away! Enjoy friends! REMEMBER: If you'd like these desktop backgrounds delivered straight to your inbox first thing every month, sign your email up here!

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Hey friends! Long time no see on the ol' blog! If you hadn't heard, the end of 2016 was quite busy for the Ogden fam - we made the big move from TX > NC! We arrived here in the beginning of January, so I took those first few weeks to settle in, unpack (although there are still unpacked boxes in our guest room oooops), and catch up on the projects that had to take a pause during the long drive up!

I'm honestly a little freaked out that the first month of the year flew by so quickly - I am still writing 2016 on brain hasn't caught up with the times! Nevertheless, I am excited for what 2017 will bring! On the business side, I have decided to narrow my services to only wedding papers and calligraphy! And these monthly calendars of course ;) I cannot wait to focus on the work I love the most and give my brides an even more amazing experience with their wedding papers! I also hope to start offering online video tutorials to designers and creatives that are looking to expand their knowledge in the computer-y side of this invitation game! I am mostly a self taught graphic designer (besides 1 elective course I took in college, which I actually learned SO much of the ground work), so I can totally relate to those who are trying to wing it. Because I am still winging it :) But I'd love to share the knowledge I've learned so far!

Anywho, thats the quick recap on lets get to the real reason you came all the way to my blog! I am so sorry that your techs were left barren for the month of January, but as promised - monthly calendars are BACK! IF SKIMMING, DO READ THIS :) >>> While I do plan on posting the calendars to my blog every month like I have been doing, I also plan to move them over to arrive directly in your inbox! If you would like to have the calendars come to you, please sign your email up in the form below! There are some boxes you can check for other things you might be interested in hearing from me about, but you don't have to check them! The calendars will be going to everyone, so if those are all you want don't check any of the boxes!

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I think that mother nature was working in my favor this morning as I sat outside to write this blog post....Y'ALL - It is 69 degrees here in South Texas and that DOESN'T EVER HAPPEN! So, now that I am feeling real Fall right now, what better time bring out the October calendar?! I'm not gonna lie to you, I could probably pass up a PSL if I saw one. What I can't pass up...bebe pumpkins they start selling at ALL stores, tempting all of us ladies to buy millions and shower our house with them. I mean, it's a healthy obsession right? It could be worse I think :) 

This month's calendar photo is brought to you by the very talented Kylee of Kylee Ann Photography based in Utah! I didn't even tell her my obsession with mini pumpkins, so you can imagine my ginormous smile when I opened the photo attachments she sent over! Also, SURPRISE! There is actually a bonus desktop background for this month, because I couldn't pick between all of her fun images! Click the download SURPRISE link below to see the second bonus background! Choices, choices! Thanks again Kylee for the fun photo features for this month!

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