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I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but the 90s image of Justin Timberlake with the tiny bleach blonde curls on top of his head and "IT'S GONNA BE MAAAYY" is forever engraved in my brain, thanks to social media yesterday. So in case you missed all that buzz....It's MAY!! I love when the first of the month falls on a Monday, fresh start, fresh week, ready to kick some booty. 

For this month, I wanted to make sure that you were craving freshly squeezed lemonade and refreshing orange slices you're welcome for that. But in all honesty, seeing this bright happy fruity scene just gives me the vibes of summertime and sunshine, even if I'm trapped in my office working the day away! Enjoy friends! REMEMBER: If you'd like these desktop backgrounds delivered straight to your inbox first thing every month, sign your email up here!

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Helloooooo beautiful April, I have missed you! I am so happy to be diving into this spring season in full swing, weddings are definitely aplenty, which means wedding papers are too! From moving to North Carolina at the beginning of the year, to jumping right back into the project grind, it really feels like its kind of been busy season nonstop in 2017 - which definitely is not something to complain about as a small business owner! I am definitely ready for the summer months to get here, as I am counting down to some much needed vacations (hello BEACH!) and some blocked off holidays that I'll be stepping away from the ol' office. We all need to remember that amidst the hustle of everyday, it's always good and healthy to replenish and renew with a little time off!

I am so happy that you are here to download this months calendar! I won't lie, I'm having trouble getting work done this morning because I just keep staring at it. Doesn't it make you want to frolic among the wildflowers on a mountaintop? *Flashes to Sound of Music* The hilllllsssssss are aliveeeee....uhhhh I mean....HERE ARE YOUR DOWNLOADS! :) See you next time!

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Hey there friends! Am I the only one that has been having trouble getting out of that summertime state of mind? I just never want it to end, even though #adulting summertime isn't quiiiiite the same like those good ol' days where all we did was go to the neighborhood pool and play sharks and minnows and eat freeze pops, but STILL! There is something about the sunshine and the porch sitting in the summertime that feels different, no? 

I am so so excited to share this months free calendar background with you all! I teamed up with Amanda from Starry Eyed Photography to bring you this amazing peony background! Amanda actually took this photo while she was in one of the many amazing outdoor markets in Rome, and I think it is just perfect to ease us out of summer and into boot weather! 

Now...I have some EXCITING NEWS for all of you talented photographers out there! Are you interested in submitting one of your own photos to be featured as the background of a 2017 monthly calendar? I am now taking submissions for all 2017 months, and would love to feature your work! Fill out the form on this page, where you will give me all of your business info and a place to link me to a gallery with your photo submissions! Can't wait to see your gorgeous photos!

Enjoy this gorgeous September calendar, and you can find all of the download links below!