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Wedding Gifts that make EVERY hour count!

I love giving gifts.... and I won't lie, I also love receiving gifts! :) Whenever I am searching for the perfect gift for a friend, I always want to find something meaningful, different, and something you can't just run into Target and wrap up in a bag just like that. So it is not any sort of surprise that I hopped on the curated gift box train REAL quick! If you've never heard of this trend, basically these are companies that put together a box of handpicked items and wrap them up all pretty and deliver that unique gift to your special recipient! 

So with that being said, I am SO excited to tell you all about my friend Kristen with Along Came a Box - one of the most unique curated gift boxing companies I ever did see! Kristen has created several gift boxes with the cutest little items in each one; but here is the catch! Instead of them all just being put in the box together, each item is actually wrapped in it's own little bag with an hour of the day that you are to open that item! I love how she makes the art of gifting last all day long instead of just a really quick 2 minutes of unwrapping, oogling, and then moving onto the next thing! How fun is it that you get to look forward to open something several times throughout the day? 

The most exciting part of this all that ties into my world of all wedding everything; today Kristen is launching TWO brand new boxes - and you guessed it, they are wedding themed! The Bride Box is a specially curated box full of cute little gifts perfect for any bride-to-be! There are SO many great times you could gift this; a wedding shower, a morning of the wedding day gift from all the bridesmaids, bachelorette party, or a just because to let your gal pal know you are thinking of her as she prepares for her big special day! The Couples Box is a great little box that includes Mr. Groom on the gift box fun! Think couples shower gift, engagement party gift, or even a little anniversary gift later down the road! Click through the photo reel below to see the amazingness! And after you take a look, read below for a DISCOUNT CODE for ordering, and also links to enter an amazing giveaway to win a box of your own! :)


So glad you asked! There are 2 easy ways:

  1.  Kristen is hosting a GIVEAWAY in celebration of this exciting launch! Click here to go to her website and enter the giveaway! She is giving away one Bride Box, one Couples Box, and a third prize as well!  Free gift box... sign. me. up. Literally :)
  2. If you just want to get your own box right this minute, YES! I support that decision! Use the code "GOLDIEDESIGNCO" to get $10 off ANY box - she has tons of other boxes you need to check out too!!! 

Okay folks, thats all for now! Let's spread the love and make gifting last ALL day long - because that is way more fun. And we all love prezzies, don't lie! Congratulations Kristen on this exciting launch and stepping into the wonderful world of WEDDINGS! I am so excited for you and proud of all your hard work!