March, I am SO happy you are here! Mostly because it means warm sunny days will soon start outweighing the COLD sunny days. And also it's crawfish season and I want all the crawfish in my belly riiiiiight now. And also I LOVE ST. PATTYS DAY and this is the month!!!! I think I could give you a million more "and also" situations, but I'll just cut myself off now. You get the picture - we all love springtime and we all love green beer, so March you are welcome here!

Free computer background with March calendar

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NOW - The real reason you're links below! Enjoy friends, have a wonderful rest of your week!


I don't know about you, but this month is TRULY madness for me! As I write this blog post, I am surrounded by cardboard boxes waiting to be packed with my...entire house! Thats right, my first military move is happening this week, so my organizational freak inside is coming out to shine. We are downsizing quite a bit for this move, as it's only for a few months, so I'll be packing most of the house into a storage unit...womp womp. My hoarding tendencies with art supplies is making it extra difficult to figure out what to take and what to leave! 

So, the fact that this calendar is making it out on time is a true miracle! This month, I teamed up with Crystal Rogers from CR Life Photography to bring you this month's buzz :) You can find the download links below! Enjoy, and good luck to anybody else going through your own "March Madness"!!