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Elegant Save the Date: Destination Wedding

I've shared bits and pieces of this Save the Date suite on my instagram (and it was also recently featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper!), but I figure it is time to give it a full feature on the blog! This Save the Date was designed for my bride, Melissa, who is getting married next summer in Cabo (SO jealous!). When designing this custom Save the Date suite, we wanted to incorporate the fun Cabo destination wedding vibe while keeping it very traditional, and elegant to reflect the type of affair it is going to be! By using a beach color scheme of teals, blues and pops of blush pink and gold, combined with gorgeous engagement photos taken at the beach where the wedding will take place, the guests are sure to get a good feel for this destination wedding! 
Modern and elegant Cabo beach destination wedding Save the Date

The outer envelope is covered in beautiful navy blue hand lettering for the address, paired with beach-inspired vintage stamps, always a must! One of my favorite things about this navy blue ink is the way it has that flowing ombre effect throughout the letterforms.

Gorgeous outer envelope for formal Cabo wedding with navy blue calligraphy and vintage stamps

Upon opening the envelope, guests will find a sea blue enclosure wrapped in a custom belly band. This belly band features a geometric pattern inspired by Mexican tiles found throughout the architecture of this destination, and topped off with a custom wedding monogram.

Custom belly band with mexican tile pattern and custom wedding crest.

When opening the enclosure, you will first see the custom calligraphy lettered Save the Date card printed in gold foil front and center. The design of this card was kept very simple so that the eye wasn't pulled to one part of the enclosure only - the entire invitation flowed together in perfect beachy unison! The pocket to the right holds the gold foiled accommodations card and an accordion style card with several of the couples engagement photos.

Gold foil save the date calligraphy design for a summer destination wedding in Cabo.
Cabo San Lucas destination wedding Save the Date, elegantly printed in gold foil.
Accommodations card for destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas at the Cape hotel

The bride had so many favorite engagement photos (I don't blame her - I mean look at that beach and that couple!) that she asked for me to design a creative way to display several of the images besides the one in the enclosure oval slot! So, this accordion card is what we ended up with, and it was a perfect little unique touch, especially with the wedding hashtag displayed on the back of the card!

Cabo San Lucas destination wedding Save the Date design

This Save the Date is the perfect combination of traditional, modern, beach elegance that will surely get guests excited for this extravagant and gorgeous wedding happening in summer of 2017! We are starting on her wedding invitations very soon, and I can't wait to see how they turn out and what inspires us during the design phase! Follow along for updates!

Color Trending: Navy + Gold

I am going to start doing a "color trending" blog post every so often, going over some of my favorite wedding color schemes that I see through my work! Being an invitation designer in the wedding world, I get to see all of the trending color schemes that come and go, or in this case...stay for good! Navy and gold is a classic and timeless wedding color scheme, especially in the thick of this gorgeous fall wedding season! I really don't think it will ever go out of season, and it is the perfect transition especially for those weddings that are trailing off the end of summer. You can't lose! Enjoy a few of these navy + gold wedding paper details from some past projects of mine!

A classic navy and gold wedding invitation with beautiful calligraphy and light blush pink accents. for a Madera Estates Conroe, Texas wedding
Simple navy place cards with gold calligraphy for the guests and table numbers
These wedding invitations are by Minted, and Goldie Design Co. designed a custom styled envelope set to match. Also featured are agate stone place cards with gold lettering.

Modern Calligraphy Workshops with Goldie Design Co.

There are a lot of things I love about my job, but going out and teaching the art of modern calligraphy has crept its way to the top of my list! I took my first modern calligraphy class about 2.5 years ago, and I instantly fell in love. I practiced and practiced for months before ever offering it as a service to my clients, but now that I do, I can't imagine my business with out it! Almost every project I do incorporates my love for modern calligraphy and pointed pen lettering. 

Whenever I learned modern calligraphy, all I could think was "Oh my gosh, anyone can learn this!"; From the outside it looked like something so hard and scary that only somebody with perfect handwriting or a knack for the crafty life could learn. But oh man was I wrong! Once I got more comfortable with the calligraphy pen, I knew I wanted to teach it and spread the modern calligraphy love! Modern calligraphy is something that I believe can be taught to anybody, no matter if you are "creative" or not! I love being able to make this art form accessible and easy to learn.

My classes are typically 3 hours long, and while that sounds like SO long, it always flies by so fast! I can't even tell you how much fun I have meeting all the new calligraphy friends that attend the class, and hearing about what they do and why they wanted to take the class is always my favorite part! I've had everything from fellow creatives and business owners, to wedding planners and photographers, nurses and accountants, bakers and students. We rock out to my ever-growing "callig class" playlist, sip on some delicious drinks, snack on something usually involving chocolate, and have a freaking amazing time! 

The photos in this post are from my first ever classes taught in Corpus Christi, TX, my current "home base" with the military right now! I spent a lot of time only traveling back to my old stomping grounds in Dallas to teach, but I decided that is time to grow where I am, meet new friends in these amazing cities that the military takes us, and spread the calligraphy love EVERYWHERE! Thanks to Jessica who owns my favorite little shop in Corpus, Eleanor's Coffee Bar + Market, I have been able to teach 2 classes in Corpus, with a third one scheduled! Eleanor's is the perfect little spot to teach, and I am going to miss it so much in our next city! If you are in Corpus Christi and haven't gone to Eleanor's, you are missing out! Get there now and enjoy a cool and friendly community atmosphere, great coffee and homemade juices, good music, and even some local goods to shop on their market shelves!

Also, HUGE shoutout to Gabe with Strangergabe Photography who did an amazing job being a fly on the wall during the class and taking some seriously impressive photos! Gabe and I connected over Instagram and then became real life friends when he agreed to photograph this class for me! His artistic photography style is so beautiful, and each image so perfectly captures the excitement I have for teaching, and the relaxed and fun atmosphere I like to create for my students! Thank you Gabe!

Goldie Design Co. Modern calligraphy workshop in Corpus Christi, TX  |  Hosted by Eleanor's Coffee Bar + Market
Goldie Design Co. Modern calligraphy workshop in Corpus Christi, TX  |  Hosted by Eleanor's Coffee Bar + Market
Goldie Design Co. Modern calligraphy workshop in Corpus Christi, TX  |  Hosted by Eleanor's Coffee Bar + Market
Clara from Goldie Design Co. teaching modern calligraphy workshop in Corpus Christi, TX
Student's at Eleanor's Coffee Bar + Market taking a Goldie Design Co. modern calligraph class!
Goldie Design Co. Modern calligraphy workshop in Corpus Christi, TX  |  Hosted by Eleanor's Coffee Bar + Market
Goldie Design Co. Modern calligraphy workshop in Corpus Christi, TX  |  Hosted by Eleanor's Coffee Bar + Market
Goldie Design Co. Modern calligraphy workshop in Corpus Christi, TX  |  Hosted by Eleanor's Coffee Bar + Market
Goldie Design Co. Modern calligraphy workshop in Corpus Christi, TX  |  Hosted by Eleanor's Coffee Bar + Market
Goldie Design Co. Modern calligraphy workshop in Corpus Christi, TX  |  Hosted by Eleanor's Coffee Bar + Market