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Return Addresses on Wedding Invitations

NEW FLASH: They can still be pretty :) Ya hear me? Whether you just want a whimsical calligraphy return address, a simple font displaying the address, or a fun combination of address and your custom wedding crest - the options are truly endless! What I am here to tell you, nevertheless, is that your return address is still a beautiful detail of your invitations that shouldn't be ignored! For all of my custom wedding invitation clients, I design a return address that flows with the rest of their invitation and adds that little extra "umph"! 

wedding invitation envelope return address

Read through the post below to be taken through the 3 ways I suggest getting your return address on that envelope:

  1. Printing it
  2. Embossing it
  3. Stamping it


wedding invitation envelope return address

Having your return address printed directly onto your envelopes is probably one of the easiest ways to solve the problem! If your envelope color is light enough, you could have the address digitally printed on, which is the most cost effective route! If you have dark colored envelopes that regular printer ink wouldn't show up on, if you wanted to have it printed on you'd have you do a specialty printing method: screenprint, letterpress, gold foil. These specialty print methods are more expensive than digital printing, so keep that in mind! All of the envelopes shown in the photo above are digitally printed, since the envelopes are all a lighter color that ink shows up just fine on!


For brides looking to save some cost in their wedding invitations, this is one of my first suggestions! The cost of getting a rubber stamp made is significantly less than having your addresses printed directly on the envelopes! So, if you don't mind that sort of "handmade" and "hand stamped" look that comes with rubber stamping, then this is the option for you! You can buy inks in several different colors at any craft store, so whether you are using dark or light colored envelopes, you should be able to find an ink that will work! I am happy to have custom rubber stamps made for any of my custom wedding suite clients, and the bonus is that it can be designed to fit right in with the rest of your suite! AND, you can use it after the wedding too!


If you are looking for a more understated look that still has some serious class, I would suggest embossing! It is pricier than a rubber stamp, but depending on how many invitations you are sending out, it might be a cheaper option than digital printing as well! And embosser is a metal plate that has your return address design cut out of it, which you then stamp onto the bottom of the flap of your envelope, and it embosses the design into the paper! When you run your finger across the embossed portion, the design will be raised up from the envelope. As you can see in the photos above, it isn't something that sticks out at first glance, but is a really gorgeous detail up close! Embossers can't typically get bigger than 2" in diameter/length, so the design can't be quite as intricate as a rubber stamp or digitally printing can be!

PHEW! That was quite a mouthful on return addresses, but hopefully that gives you a better look into what options you might be looking at for your own wedding invitations! Comment on the post below if you have any questions at all, or what your favorite option is! If you'd like to inquire about your own custom wedding suite that could include beautiful return addresses, use the button below! :)