There are several different pieces that can make up a wedding invitation suite, and endless options when you are doing a custom design. This guide will take you through the typical pieces included in a wedding invitation suite and what their purpose is. Depending on what information you wanting to include in your invitations for your guests, the combinations for your own suite are endless. Click through the images below and see their corresponding descriptions beneath!


A - Outer Envelope

The outer envelope is what all of your invitation pieces will go inside to be mailed! To make the envelope extra amazing, you can add calligraphy addressing and vintage stamps. For more cost friendly options, we can have your recipient addresses digitally printed directly onto the envelopes. Your return address will also go somewhere on the envelope; it can be digitally printed, or we can get a custom rubber stamp or embosser made to match your designs. See the Envelope Guide section for more details on calligraphy and postage options.

B - Envelope Liner

Envelope liners go on the inside of the envelope flap, adding a great custom touch to your invitation suite. The design options are endless for these, as we can create one just for your suite that goes with the rest of the design.

C - Belly Band 

Because there are several pieces in a wedding invitation suite, it is good to have something to bind all of the pieces together before putting it inside the envelope. A belly band is wrapped around the pieces of the suite, and designed to match your suite. Not only is it useful in keeping all of the pieces in one bundle, but it also adds a great aesthetic touch tying the finished suite together! There are other options that serve this same purpose, such as a ribbon or string tied around. 

D - Invitation Card

Your invitation card is, surprise surprise, the invitation! This is where you will invite people to the wedding. Nuff' said? There are zillions of ways to word your invitation card, and we have a few tips to help you decide this on the Style Guide page!

E - Accommodations/Details Card

This card is an additional piece added into your suite that serves as a place to put any other information you want your guests to know. It helps keep the invitation card nice and simple without being cluttered with lots of random details. This card can include accommodations/hotel block information, a link to your wedding website, venue addresses + directions, notes on attire or specialty parking...basically any important information that your guests should know that you don't want hogging up prime real estate on the invitation card :)

F - RSVP Card

And one of the most important parts, the way you find out who is coming to the partay! The RSVP card can be done in either a postcard format (F.1), or it can be a card with an envelope (F.2). If you want it to be in an envelope, your return address will be printed directly onto that envelope. The postcard format is a cheaper option (since you don't have to get envelopes) if you are looking to save money in places. There are lots of fun ways to word your RSVP card...see the Style Guide for more wording information!

G - Custom Map

Another special touch you could add to your invitation suite is a custom drawn map insert. This map can be as simple as showing just your venue(s), or you could make it fun by adding in your favorite spots in town, any other significant place you might want to point out! Maps can be done in watercolor, or can just be a simple line drawing (both options showed in photo above). 

H - A N Y T H I N G!

When you go the custom invitation route, seriously....we mean custom! If you have any fun idea for your invitations to make it even more personalized to the bride and groom, let's do it! Pictured here is a custom card showing the couples favorite spots in town for all of their out of town guests! Such a fun touch!